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My jams capture the delectable bounty of sunshine and summertime within a jar. The fruit is ripe, and bursting with succulent sweetness. I use only fruit, sugar and lemon to make jam, cooking it down until thick and gooey.

Fruit Butter

My Fruit Butter is made from apples, pears or asian pears. There is a poignant spicy sweetness to fruit butter that recalls the crisp, cool smell of autumn for me. I cook the fruit into a thick puree with lemon and water. I strain this puree and then season it with brown sugar, spices and finish it off with Grand Marnier.


Marmalades are made from citrus fruit, utilizing the pulp as well as the rind to create a bittersweet palate teaser. I choose to make unusual marmalades: blood orange, mandarin, meyer lemon, lemon-lime and pineapple-lime. Slow cooking reduces the bitterness of the citrus and allows the sour sweetness to unfold. I use citrus, sugar and Amish pectin to make my marmalades. The pectin is produced from apples, which helps the to preserve the color and creates a thick jelly-like viscosity.

Fruit Sauces

My fruit sauces are made very similarly to my jams. They are made with fruit, sugar and lemon juice, and the consistency is thinner, making it pourable. I make the sauces more succulently decadent by adding lemon zest, Tahitian vanilla and brandy to the finished product.


What is a Chutney? A Chutney is a fruit condiment, rather like ketchup, mustard or cranberry sauce. My chutneys emphasize the glory of fresh fruit, and intertwine the components of sweet, sour and savory. I recommend using chutney as a side dish to spice up and add depth to an otherwise ordinary or bland meal. Use it as an accompaniment to steamed vegetables and rice, couscous or quinoa. Chutney can be a dipping sauce for grilled, sauteed or roasted meat, chicken or fish. Use the chutney as an ingredient in a sauce, adding wine, stock and fresh herbs. Make an unusual stuffing or filling for vegetables, poultry or meat by adding chutney to rice, bread, quinoa or couscous, vegetables and seasonings. The uses for chutney are many and varied-- let your imagination run wild and free!

Asian Cooking Oils

These Asian style cooking oils are a combination of toasted sesame oil and peanut oil, infused with spices and seasonings. The Star Anise Sesame Oil is a mild flavor enhancer combining szechuan peppercorns, star anise, cassia bark, ginger and garlic.

The Black Bean Chili Oil is a very spicy infused oil which combines red chili flakes, oriental black beans, ginger and garlic. Asian Cooking Oils have become an integral component of my own kitchen. I use them as a seasoning in marinades, stir-frys, salsa, cold noodles, clams or mussels, and salad dressings. The oils can be directly rubbed onto fish, poultry, veggies and meat for a quick marinade. The oils are a quick and easy way to infuse a taste of the orient into any dish.

Infused Fruit Vinegars

I use the best French Champagne Vinegar or aged Red Wine Vinegar to make my special vinegars. I infuse the ripest and freshest fruit and herbs to create a unique flavor combination. Use the vinegars in salad dressings, in soups & stews, in marinades, in hot or cold salads. . . wherever a touch of uniquely flavored vinegar is needed.

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